Amateur Radio N2DS

My knowledge about Amateur Radio began in 1958. I was 8 years old then and I remember my dad setting up this real neat equipment. A WRL Globe Scout 680A and a Hammarlund HQ-110A receiver. I was used to odd stuff around the house as my dad did radio repair in his earlier years. But this stuff was very cool and I became immediately interested.

However I wasn't interested enough to get my own license, but my dad would let me speak with these old guys near and far away. But finally in 1965, I learned the Morse code, which was very easy for me. There was no stopping me now!

I was interested mostly in the technical aspects of ham radio and enjoyed building my own transmitters and receivers. It was a real hoot working someone on equipment that I had put together.

I used to be very active, but after the internet came to my house, that became my main interest in life.

About Dave and n2ds.com

Welcome! Here is my full bio.

That is about all I really want to tell you. This site will grow. I bought this domain name today. It had been squatted on for several years. By chance, I typed in the domain and saw that there was no longer a place keeper holding my callsign for ransom!

So I bought this domain and put this page up for now. Once I decide on what I want to do here, this page will be removed and a new one placed here.

In the meantime, take a look at some of my projects at makearadio.com.

After you have done there, I invite you to take a look at my nonsense website.

I hope you have enjoyed your quick visit to n2ds.com. As soon as I think of something interesting to say, I'll update the site. 73, Dave … N2DS

Callsign History

1962 WPE2CBS Pre-Ham
1965 WN2TCY Novice Class
1966 WB2TCY General & Advanced
1968 WA2HNJ Second Call
1967 N0HTG Navy MARS
1976 AB2TCY Bi-Centennial Call
1977 N2DS Extra Class

Modes Operated

1965 CW
1966 AM Phone
1967 RTTY
1968 SSB
1970 FM
1972 SSTV
1987 AMTOR
1988 Packet

HF Gear

1965 Globe Scout, HQ110A
1968 HW-12A
1973 FT-101
1975 TS-820
1984 TS-440A
2006 IC706 Mk2

Corning Electronics Inc.

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